Vares Classic Festival 2022

World Premiere
New Concerto for Viola Solo and Orchestra by Gabriele Proy

Andrea Nikolic (Viola)
Sarajevo Philharmonic Orchestra

Vares, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Final Concert CROArT Festival 2022

Orchestra Work "Forelle" by Gabriele Proy

Andjelko Igrec (conductor)

WISE Wien International Soloists Ensemble

Kulturhaus Brotfabrik in Vienna


CROArT Festival 2022

"Alchemilla vulgaris" by Gabriele Proy

WISE Wien International Soloists Ensemble

Altes Rathaus (Old Council House)
in Vienna, Austria

Opening Concert CROArT Festival 2022

"Hiroshima" by Gabriele Proy

Ivana Nikolic (oboe)

Peter's Church in Vienna

CRO-ArT: Contemporary Art Festival

I dream a World