Vocal Compositions by Gabriele Proy (Austria)


3 Songs Based on Zen-Kôans for Baritone and Organ (2010)

I. Plum Blossom
II. In Middle of the Rain
III. Trees, Without Leaves

Plum Blossom
“Plum blossom in the cold: quite clear the ‘meaning of coming from the West’ –
One blossom leaf falls to the West, another to the East!”
(Zen Sand 14.138, translated by Christine Young)

In the Middle of the Rain
“In the middle of the rain, see the bright sun shining;
In the midst of fire, dip from the clear spring!”
(Zen Sand 10.60)

(Zen Sand. The Book of Capping Phrases for Koan Practice. Victor Sogen Hori. University of Hawai Press, Honolulu, Page 378)

Trees, without leaves
“Trees, without leaves, on thousands of mountains, the sky immeasurably far:
The silver ribbon of a single river, the moon shining clear above it all!”
(Zen Sand 14.707, translated by Christine Young)

The composition “Silber” by Gabriele Proy was commissioned by the concert series “Musik am 12ten” organised by the Protestant churches in Austria to mark the 100th birthday of the department of Protestant Church Music at the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna. Günter Haumer (baritone) and Matthias Krampe (organ) gave the world premiere on 12 November 2010 at the Evangelische Christuskirche in Vienna.

The three songs “Pflaumenblüte”, “Mitten im Regen” and “Bäume, blätterlos” from the Lied cycle “Silber” by Gabriele Proy are dedicated to the baritone Günter Haumer and the organist Matthias Krampe.

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