Solo Compositions by Gabriele Proy (Austria)


for Solo Guitar (2011)

“The composition ‘Azurit’ tells a tale of parting and memory – of the loss of a treasured friend and of keeping alive the memory of the unforgettable encounter. Just as the exceptionally deep-blue colour of the mineral azurite differs from all other minerals, so we preserve the special quality of the encounter in a lasting memory. Over time, azurite is gradually transformed into malachite – the time of mourning and remembering is also a time of change.

‘Azurit’ for a solo guitar is written in the style of a tombeau. The 6th string is tuned a full tone lower and the deep bass tones of the D-string resonate through the entire largo. The relentless swing of the pendulum or chime of the bell is interrupted by rapid melodic sequences and arpeggio tones. Finally, a two part movement gently asserts itself before the piece closes with an ascending flageolet melody.”

“Azurit” was composed by Gabriele Proy at the invitation of guitarist Christina Schorn-Mancinelli, professor at the conservatory in Monopoli in Italy and was made possible by the award of the Composition Prize 2011 by the Austrian Ministry for Education, Art and Culture.

“Azurit” is dedicated to the guitarist Christina Schorn-Mancinelli and to the memory of Ambassador Claudia Rochel-Laurich who died in 2010.

The solo for guitar performed by Christina Schorn-Mancinelli was received with great acclaim when it celebrated its world premiere at the international guitar festival of the Società Aquilana dei Concerti B. Baratelli in L’Aquila on 1 September 2012.

Concert performances and radio broadcasts of the composition “Azurit” (selection):

02 25 2016 Concert, Duo El Cimarron, Christina Schorn-Mancinelli (guitar), Austrian Cultural Forum Rom, Italy

12 19 2015 Concert, Armin Egger (guitar), Presentation by Yuko Nakamura and Gabriele Proy, Tomioka Honten-OPA Hall, Yamagata, Japan

12 15 2015 Japan Premiere of “Azurit”, Armin Egger (guitar), Presentation by Keiko Torigoe and Gabriele Proy, Art Liaison Center, Tokyo Geijutsu Daigaku (Toyko University of the Arts), Japan

12 09 2015 Concert, Armin Egger (guitar), Gallery Straihammer & Seidenschwann, Vienna, Austria

06 17 2014 Concert, Christina Schorn-Mancinelli (guitar), Hallein Festival, Ziegelstadl, Hallein, Austria

03 15 2014 Concert, Christina Schorn-Mancinelli (guitar), Orpheus Concert Series, Concert Hall, Department of Music, California State University, Fresno, USA

12 04 2013 Concert at the Ceremonial Act “Awards of the City of Vienna 2013”, “Music Award of the City of
Vienna” goes to Gabriele Proy, Armin Egger (guitar), The Vienna City Hall, Austria

08 08 2013 Concert, Ensemble El Cimarrón, Christina Schorn-Mancinelli (guitar), Schloss Goldegg, Salzburg, Austria

04 05 2013 Concert, Armin Egger (guitar), Exhibition Roland Hille at Leiner-Intuo, Vienna, Austria

11 25 2016 Austrian Premiere of “Azurit”, Siegfried Steinkogler (guitar), Concert by the Austrian Society for Contemporary Music, Mozarteum University Salzburg, Austria

09 01 2012 World Premiere of “Azurit”, Christina Schorn-Mancinelli (guitar), International Guitar Festival of the “Società Aquilana dei Concerti B. Baratelli”, L’Aquila, Italy

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