Solo Compositions by Gabriele Proy (Austria)


for Solo Violin (2014/2015)

“Because of their lovely colour amethysts have been used as gemstones since antiquity. Crops of its short-prismatic crystals can completely fill the cavities of volcanic rock. Only more rarely are long-prismatic amethyst crystals to be found in metalliferous lodes, alpine crevices or the cavities of volcanic rock. One of the most fascinating gemstone sites in Austria is the Amethyst World in Maissau. The wide open countryside around Maissau and the rich colours of the amethyst crystals are heard in my composition.”

“Amethyst” by Gabriele Proy was commissioned by the Österreichisches Kulturforum Berlin for the portrait concert of Gabriele Proy at the Konzerthaus Berlin.

This work for solo violin received its world premiere on 22 January 2015 at the Konzerthaus Berlin performed by Édua Zádory, to whom the piece is dedicated. This successful world premiere at the portrait concert of Gabriele Proy was presented by Dr. Wilhelm Matejka, the former programme director of RBB Kulturradio.

Concert performances and radio broadcasts of the composition “Amethyst” (selection):

02 01 2016 Concert “Violine EN FACE”, Elena Denisova (violin), University of Arts in Tirana, Albania

01 29 2016 Albanian Premiere of “Amethyst”, Concert “Violine EN FACE”, Elena Denisova (violin), Jozef Galeri, Durres, Albania

01 22 2015 World Premiere of “Amethyst”, Composer’s Concert featuring Gabriele Proy, Édua Zádory (violin), Presentation by Wilhelm Matejka, Konzerthaus Berlin, Germany

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