Gabriele Proy 2007, Regina, Canada
Gabriele Proy in Saskatchewan, Canada 2007 (photo by Charles Fox)


“Nature is a major source of inspiration for my work as a composer. My instrumental works as well as my vocal pieces and my soundscape compositions all contain lots of references to nature.

The three songs ‘Pflaumenblüte’, ‘Mitten im Regen’ and ‘Bäume, blätterlos’ of my Lied cycle ‘Silber’ for baritone and organ based on Zen-Kôans, for instance, offer a reflection on nature as a kind of meditation and a possible approach to transcendence.

Like ‘holding on to time’ my compositions should spread an inner calmness and even after very dramatic passages should recover inner tranquillity. My approach to music is the art of listening: As a composer, I want to offer the listener an intense listening experience – even in the field of contemporary music I would like to strike a chord with the listener.”

Gabriele Proy